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Our daughter Abigail has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, a connective tissue disorder which affects her joints muscles and ligaments as well as many other body systems. We came to Gráinne for Aqua Therapy at a time when Abby was barely ambulatory. She was in a wheelchair and was only able to stand long enough to transfer from her wheelchair. Gráinne helped to turn my daughter's life around. She was gentle with Abigail yet strong in her technique, perseverance, knowledge and compassion. She knew exactly what to do to help Abby's body get stronger in the water. She had an innate sense of when to use the water to help relax Abby's tense muscles and when to use core exercises to help Abigail regain her strength.

Grainne is extremely knowledgeable in health nutrition and strengthening. She is a consummate professional who possesses both expertise and compassion. We are forever grateful to Gráinne for providing excellent Aqua Therapy and strength training to our daughter.


—  Andrea, Special Needs Mom

A Message from the founder


"Picture this. 

You are teaching your child to ride a bike for the first time. 

You attach training wheels to help "balance" and stabilize the ride for them.  You watch, observe, praise and cheer for every effort, attempt, struggle, and success. 


ONLY when you KNOW that your child is ready, do you remove the training wheels. 


It takes time, patience, practice, focus, and work - a willingness to persevere and not give up. There is a growth, progress and learning. 

When the child is able to ride on their own, with no additional support, from the training wheels or you, they can independently achieve new heights.


Tri-Health has a similar approach to come alongside and help guide YOU to reach your goals!"



Q + A with Gráinne

Tri-Health is here to help YOU chart your course.  It doesn't matter what level you are, beginner, intermediate or advanced, we want to help you excel in ALL areas of your life.