Tri-Health founder Grainne Josaphat is a certified professional life coach and health advocate.  Growing up in Ireland, meant most of her time was spent on the water, swimming, sailing and kayaking.  There were many cliff walks around Howth head, Dublin Bay and hosteling throughout the country. She played competitive sports and swam during High School and College. She also holds two degrees in Physics and Theology.  Grainne spent many years in the food service business, the corporate and not-for-profit world, as well as in education.  She is an educator at heart and whatever she puts her mind to she excels.  Teaching in the school district and holding positions as Aquatics Director has enhanced her role as a mentor, counselor and leader.

Passionate about health, food, travel and living life to the fullest, has inspired her to start her own business.  Sharing her knowledge with others, and giving people the tools to triumph is what sets Grainne apart.  Being a member of the USA track and field, as well as local running clubs, and having participated in races in the U.S. and abroad including half marathons, triathlons and aqua-runs, she can help you get where you want to be!! Grainne is available for corporations, communities or congregations as well as the individual. Her business is also licensed and insured.


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