Chart your course to Be Happy, Be Healthy and Be Whole! 

We work with you in all areas of your life, to build you up, restore your body, heal and optimize your life.  You will become your own therapist and expert.  We will help guide you to identify your own "voice" of spirit, soul, and body.  Living out of this place of self, you will interpret, respond, and live optimally in your skin! You will become mentally, emotionally and physically confident and independent which will give you the strength to achieve your goals. 

We serve various individuals and groups who want to develop their own passion, power, and presence.  We look at the whole person,  spirit, soul, and body and we teach by demonstrating. At Tri-Health, we help you prepare, plan and reach your goals naturally.

"Let food be your medicine, exercise your playground and spirit your reality."

- Gráinne Josaphat, Founder and CEO


A Message from the founder


"Picture this. 

You are teaching your child to ride a bike for the first time. 

You attach training wheels to help "balance" and stabilize the ride for them.  You watch, observe, praise and cheer for every effort, attempt, struggle, and success. 


ONLY when you KNOW that your child is ready, do you remove the training wheels. 


It takes time, patience, practice, focus, and work - a willingness to persevere and not give up. There is a growth, progress and learning. 

When the child is able to ride on their own, with no additional support, from the training wheels or you, they can independently achieve new heights.


Tri-Health has a similar approach to come alongside and help guide YOU to reach your goals!"



Tri-Health is here to help YOU chart your course.  It doesn't matter what level you are, beginner, intermediate or advanced, we want to help you excel in ALL areas of your life. 

Tri-health founder Gráinne Josaphat is a certified professional life coach and health advocate. Growing up in Ireland meant most of her time was spent on the water, swimming, sailing, and kayaking. There were many cliff walks around Dublin Bay and hosteling throughout the countryside. She played many competitive sports and swam during High School and College. She also holds two degrees, one in Physics and one in Theology.  Gráinne spent roughly ten years in the food business, the corporate and not-for-profit world respectively.  

"G" (short for Gráinne - pronounced Graw-nya) excels in whatever she puts her mind to.  G has enhanced her role as a mentor, giver, counselor, and leader through her positions as a School District Educator, an American Red Cross Instructor, an Intramural Coach, and an Aquatics Director. 

Passionate about health, food, travel and living life to the fullest, G was inspired to start her own business. G enjoys sharing her knowledge with others, and giving people the tools to triumph - this is what sets her apart and shows her own commitment to achieving her own goals toward living happy, healthy and whole!

  • Health and Wellness Educator

  • Professional Life Coach

  • Intramural Coach

  • Cross Country Coach

  • Instructor + Trainer for the American Red Cross

  • Special Education Teaching Assistant

  • Crisis Prevention Institute

  • Conflict Management

  • Personal Empowerment

  • Complete Customer Service

  • Situational Leadership

  • CLST Bachelor of Theology

  • Dublin Institute of Technology - Applied Physics

  • Female Runner of the Year Award LIRRC

  • USTAF LI Grand Prix Female Masters

  • Certificate of Recognition for Service to the Community

  • US + International Marathon

  • LI Summer + Winter Series

  • LIRRC TEAM races

  • Triathlon

  • Aqua-Run

  • And MORE! 

An Interview with "G"

What Inspired you to create Tri-Health?

I have always been passionate about all things having to do with "health".  I am not just talking about being healthy physically, getting a good report from the doctor, or just feeling good.  Actually, you can still be unhealthy in one area of your life, even with a good report.  It is important to look after yourself on all levels, spirit, soul, and body.  To be good stewards, so we can take care of others effectively.


Emotional happiness, physical health, and spiritual wholeness is the real and full deal. If you focus on only one area, and not all three, you will be out of balance. 

All of my experiences in life thus far have led me to lay this strong foundation, in order to live optimally AND be happy and healthy at the same time.  I also tend to test, try and get quite technical when it comes to living.  I use myself as an experiment.  After researching, analyzing and evaluating, I want to share my knowledge with others.


I also enjoy many sports, but particularly swimming, biking and running.  So I decided to try triathlons, as well as other events.


Tri-Health was born out of this place.  I want to help others to feel good, accomplish their goals, and to continue to be the very best they can be.  And I don't mean "telling" them what to do.  More like helping them explore and experiment with their own existence, in order to excel in their lives.


Knowing who we are and what our purpose is, helps us maximize our life!

How did your upbringing in Ireland influence your lifestyle?

Wow, this is a BIG part of who, and what I am today.  Coming from a strong family, being outdoors the majority of the time, and growing a lot of our own food, definitely shaped me as a person, trainer, and athlete.  


Swimming since I was two, riding a bike from around the same age, and playing any sport I could, was what I just DID.  Rugby, soccer, hockey, volleyball, cricket....the list goes on.  Sailing in Dublin Bay, hiking the Irish countryside and living a very active lifestyle was all part of it.


I remember helping my parents make homemade jams, digging our own spuds (potatoes), and blanching our own vegetables.  Apples (eating and cooking) from the orchard were picked and stored for mouthwatering apple pies. Berries and rhubarb for puree, lettuce, and tomato for salad,  beans, and peas for soup or stew.  It was perfect...Well, not exactly.


Life did also have its challenges.  Having a twin sister, and twin brothers for a total of seven kids, definitely helped shape my emotional and mental world.  My parents worked very hard to provide for us and very seldom complained.  My mother especially was a very disciplined person, which had a huge influence on me!  

What does the "tri" represent?

"Tri" meaning three, in Tri-Health refers to the 3 parts of our being, spirit, soul, and body.  From a spiritual standpoint, the number 3 also signifies wholeness, completeness, and perfection.  I want people to BE whole, to feel complete, and be the best they can be!


And why not try-a-tri while you are getting there?  In this case, "tri" is for an event called a triathlon, where participants swim, bike and then run. 

When do you feel most connected mind, body, and spirit?

Based on my answers so far, you could probably guess what I am going to answer.  I feel most connected when I am outside in nature.  Water, trees, rivers, rocks, the earth draw me in.  No "tech" noise.  You may hear the chirping of a bird, or splash of water, the whistling of the trees, or the waves crashing.  It all speaks to me.


Deep within my soul, I feel comfortable, home, happy and complete in this realm.  From this place, I receive direction, hope, creativity, and energy. 

How can you support people to achieve their goals?

It is important for me to understand my client's goals.  Group or Individual. I want to see them cross the finish line, and put a check next "to mission accomplished".  I come alongside them and give spiritual, mental and emotional support.  Together we come up with ways that work for them.  We customize the journey according to the client or group.  No shoe size is the same. Everyone is unique. What works for one, may not work for the other.  The client learns to listen to their own voice of spirit, soul, and body.  We meet, we review, we practice, we map, we talk, we move, we do, we ACHIEVE!

I also do group educational seminars on pretty much all areas "health".  

What was your favorite race and why?

I have a number of favorite races for different reasons. Recently, I took part in the  "Run for the Health of it" race, in Northport, Long Island. It usually takes place in May and the distance is 5 k. 


The race is pretty hilly, with a lot of twists and turns, along tree-lined streets and neighborhood homes.  Each participant is entitled to a free breakfast at the "Copenhagen" bakery, as well as some other great community giveaways.  Monies raised support the Visiting Nurse Service and Hospice of Suffolk.

What was your favorite place to visit and why?

So far, in the U.S., I loved visiting Savannah, Georgia.  It's an outdoorsy town, with lots of parks and tree-lined streets.  A lot of history, quaint restaurants, a nice waterfront, and pleasant people.  I just felt so welcome and at "peace" as I took in the sites, and the culture.

What is your personal goal for this year?

My main focus this year, is on the Dublin, Ireland, full 26.2-mile marathon in October.  Last year, I did the 1/2 marathon there.  I just completed the Long Island full in May.  In between, I will participate in my team races, with the Long Island Road Runner's Club.

What is the next place you want to travel?

I am considering going to Iceland in August.  One, because I was invited. Two, I have heard the landscape is diverse, breathtaking and majestic. And three, there is a race I may want to participate in. Ever since Iceland stunned the world, and made it to the world cup for the first time, the country has had an influx of visitors.