7 Pulp Ideas

Updated: May 20, 2020

Tired of throwing out all that pulp from juicing?

Looking for ways to use the leftovers and not discard it?

I will mention that it is thick and dense, as well as flavorsome.

It is up to you how much or how little you use in these suggestions. Test and try and see what you like.

1. Take a look at my pulp ball recipe. You can also turn it into a veggie burger instead of a "pulp ball". Just reshape the ball into a bun size, grill or fry it up, and serve with salsa or mustard. Two of my favorites.

Pulp It Up Pancakes!

2. If you are looking for a thick healthy pancake, just add some of the fruit pulp into your pancake mix while you are stirring up the ingredients. Make sure you break up and separate the pulp, and stir it throughout the mixture.

3. The pulp is a great thickener for soups. It will also add flavor and color.

4. Sprinkle on your salad.

5. Have over a baked potato. A great way to get your fiber, and your veggies. Grate some cheese on top for added taste and texture.

6. Vegetable curry or chili is another full meal that you can add the pulp to.

7. What about those non-humans?

Yes, I add some to my dog's dinner. It's chunky and meaty in texture. So it's all good.