Accidents Have Aptitude!

Updated: May 19, 2020

I broke my foot three weeks before I was scheduled to go to Iceland and run a half marathon. I had some choices to make. Run or not to run. Be upset or look for the silver lining. Quit or be resilient.

Cast booted and armed with crutches. What was ONE to do?

My initial response was one of disappointment and frustration. I could choose to stay in that place or "adjust" my mind and emotions.

I chose the latter.

It was my right foot that I broke. So this meant I had an opportunity to "build" up and strengthen the left. This was my weaker side anyway.

I could concentrate on doing weights and build up my upper body. My legs would get a rest from running. That made sense.

More focus on my abs and core would be part of my routine adjustment.

It's all good.

Time, patience, a good mindset, and being O.K. to roll with the change was going to put me ahead and not behind.

All I needed was that quick flick of a switch in my thinking and I was good to go.

A good practice for any "accident" or curveball life throws us!

Of course, I still had to take care of that foot, respect the time to heal, and listen to my body.