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Updated: May 21, 2020

We all strive to lead a healthy lifestyle but tangled in our work, family, and social obligations, it takes a back seat. Even after we gather the courage to work on it, we face our inner fear and the motivation needed. That's exactly what happened to me when I decided to give my health it's due and started to take up swimming. I had a long-cherished desire to jump into 12 feet deep water, but forget jumping, I was terrified of even the thought of deep water.

That is when Gráinne stepped in to work with me, and offer her guidance. As a swim coach (one of her many roles), not only did she understand my physical strength (or lack of it) but I also realized the mental block I was having.

With her motivation, encouragement, techniques (and patience), I'm on my way to overcoming my fears, swimming and living a better lifestyle.

I envy the stamina she possesses in her lean body frame. Being able to swim, bike, and run as well as participate in many other sports activities.

She surely is a role model to all those who escape behind the excuse of workload and time crunch.

We all expect many things but without a healthy body and mind nothing is possible. It’s such a simple thing but most of us discount it too often. When we never miss to fuel or service our cars then why can’t we take care of our bodies? I guess we all need a little push and right guidance to get on course. This is where we can use Gráinne's professionalism and expertise.

I am so grateful that she did not give up on me. My vision toward healthy living has been expanded immensely.


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