Catch the Moment

Updated: May 20, 2020

I took the day off from work to prepare for a class. The days prior, were filled with juggling "life", and it's commitments and responsibilities. Questions, answers, to-do list, to fix, to plan...It was getting to BE a little too full for my liking.

I needed to pull back, stop, and catch a breath. I like to be prepared and "fear" being under-prepared. So I mapped my day to just get things done!

As I sat at home alone, for the first time in months, suddenly I realized I WAS alone! Nobody asking me to drive them somewhere, no shopping list to take care of. No meals to prepare, only my own lunch.

I started to "soak-up" the moment and really be present in it.

I found my spirit uttering words of gratitude.

1. Thank you for this moment.

2. Thank you that you are touching me.

3. Thank you that you are challenging and changing me.

4. Thank you for this quietness, and stillness.

No noise, no questions, no answers, no response, just BE. Words are not always necessary.

Then the silence spoke to me.

1. I am powerful.

2. I have the power to heal, transform, and deliver.

3. Do not be afraid.

4. Allow me to happen, to come, and to BE.

Allow yourself to catch the moment, no matter where it takes you, and whenever it happens!