Coping With Confinement

We have all experienced confinement in some shape or form on a mild scale. A broken bone means our limb is restricted to a cast. The kids are sick so we work from home, instead of going to the office. Sitting in a waiting room until we hear our name being called to be seen by the doctor. Getting a tooth pulled while in the dentist's chair.

These are all pretty much short term restraints and we know that there is an end in sight. But what can we do when the confinement is "undefined, uncertain and unresolved"? We are now finding ourselves in this position and not necessarily knowing how to navigate through it. There is no direct timeline and a lot of other unknowns.

I don't propose to having all the answers. However, I can offer a few suggestions on how we might spend our time in quarantine.

1. Get organized. Whether that means organizing your closet, home office, finances or garage.

2. Study that new language you were always interested in.

3. Look over your bucket list and pick one thing that you can work towards.

4. Spend time with loved ones, playing board games, eating meals together or watching a movie.

5. Take out those hold "hardcopy" photo albums and share your memories and stories. Maybe even start to write them down. Who knows it could possibly turn into a book in the making.

6. Try new recipes for dessert, dinner or the meal of your choice.

7. Research your family tree.

8. Get some exercise. Walk the dog, follow along to a video, or dust off the weights that have been dormant in the basement.

9. Take up a new practice such as mindfulness, yoga or drawing.

10. READ a book. Yes an actual hard copy that you hold in your hand ....or a soft copy.

11. Write to a friend overseas, or make a phone call to a relative you haven't spoken to in a long time.

12. Donate to your local community food pantry.

.....I think you get the picture. It is VERY important that even though we may not be active or on the move in our cars, jobs or schools, we can still be physically, mentally and emotionally challenged. We need to actively encourage ourselves, our family's and the community!