8 Signs of Burnout

Updated: May 19, 2020

What is burnout, and what does it look and feel like? How can I prevent it? Hopefully, these are questions you will consider BEFORE it actually happens. It will save you a lot of heartache and pain, literally and figuratively.

The dictionary defines "burnout" as "a complete depletion of energy and strength". To me, this is not an all-encompassing explanation.

Burnout can take place on multi-levels... If you are already familiar with my site, I am sure you have guessed it.....It can manifest in your spirit, soul, and/or body.

Here are some indicators to watch out for...

This is all TOO much

1. You feel physically spent. You have very little energy to do anything.

(That's the way I felt last week after doing a 10-mile race in the hot sun!)

2. Sleep is not happening too often, or very well. You are restless, and your mind is racing when it should be resting.

3. Dizziness, wobbly knees, walking into walls...yes it does happen ...

4. You are having a hard time making a decision, and are having heavy feelings of apprehension. Your mind seems cloudy.

5. When someone is talking to you, there is a delayed response. You are having a hard time formulating your words.

6. A greater sensitivity to noise, and it actually irks you.

7. A tendency to get angry, or irritable quickly, and to fly off the handle at "little" things.

8. Not wanting to be around people or gatherings. You tend to want to withdraw, and be alone, and in a quiet space.

All is not lost.

The goal is to take preventive steps so you DON'T burnout!

*If you feel as if you are in too deep and can't handle the simple things of life, please seek professional help.