5 Areas of Conscious Self

Updated: May 19, 2020

How well do you know YOU?

Are you engaging with yourself?

I AM talking about being self-conscious in a positive light!

(The dictionary definition associated with this has a negative meaning of being "insecure with oneself".)

Here, are five areas of SELF, that I challenge you to view with good vibes.

The ability to recognize and identify .....

1. Thoughts. Are you in tune with your thoughts? Does your mind tend to "run"? If so where? Can you control it?

I believe so. Just as you need to train and discipline a child, you need to similarly keep your mind in check.

Be conscious of your thoughts. Focus on the good, and reject the negative.

2. Memories. Something remembered from the past, a recollection. Recall and reflect on happy times. It will do you good.

Remember when....

3. Feelings. The ability to feel different ways. Happy or sad. Surprised or fearful. I want to encourage you to be grateful and thankful in even the small things.

4. Sensations. A physical feeling or perception coming from something that may happen or already occurred. SEE the benefits. Look for the reinforcements.

5. Environment. Our interaction with our surroundings. How well can you adjust to change? Small steps count. Try getting out of your comfort zone. It gets easier. Take on something new.

Growing pains are real and are for ALL ages.

They stretch you, and take you higher!