Let's Commune

Updated: May 19, 2020

We have a healthy grasp of self, we are engaging well with others and want to broaden our horizons.

This is an opportunity to exhibit a higher sensitivity to the community.

How can this be accomplished?

1. Volunteer, give of your time. There are plenty of organizations that are looking for YOU! From helping prepare mailings to mentoring as a big brother or sister.

You are needed, AND can make a difference.

2. Participate in your local town events, fairs, or gatherings. Bring the family.

3. Join a sports group or club that interests you. Or try something new and join a class.

Working Together and Giving Back

Get off the couch and get out there!

4. Respect the environment. Don't litter. Instead, recycle and re-purpose.

5. If you have health limitations you can still give back. Donate funds to support a cause.


6. Write a letter to a serviceman. Send a care package. Contribute to your local newspaper.

7. Invite the neighbors over for a meal, or plan a block party.

Expand your connection with the community.

As you choose to get involved, you will surely reap the benefit. Stepping out of your "world" and into someone else's has a way of lightening the load, releasing good emotions, and giving a sense of accomplishment.

As you GIVE, it not only affects your life but the generations that follow!