Exercise Level 3

Updated: May 19, 2020

Seven measures of the advanced benchmark.

1. Your body shows it. You are toned and tight! With a low BMI (Body Mass Index)

2. Working out is just what you do to LIVE! It is not even a question. It is part of WHO you are. A regular five or more times a week.

3. You have mastered listening to your body. And pretty much "self" treat. You have injury preventive steps you follow rigidly.

4. A healthy lifestyle. You fuel your body well so it can perform.

Toned and Tight

5. Cross-train, fartlek (speed play), triathlon, and HIIT (interval training) are all part of your vocabulary.

6. Involvement in competitions. You might be part of a team, or participate as an individual.

7. Giving back to the community, by supporting local events, and volunteering to help others get and stay fit.