Updated: May 20, 2020

1. I don’t need any help. I research everything myself. Swim, Bike, Run... I do it all!

2. Feeling good about the way I look. My emotions are balanced.

3. Time is my friend and I am present in it.

4. People don’t bother me. And when my feathers get ruffled, I know how to dishevel them.

5. I am on course to reach my goals, and nothing is going to stop me.

6. Happy, Healthy, and Whole is my reality!

Keep climbing to new heights!

If you think you have arrived you are mistaken. There is always room for improvement. Life is consistently changing, unfolding, and evolving.

Live, learn, and lead by example.

This is the full circle of life. Please keep this in mind as you gauge your level. Be honest with yourself.

Family and friends can help keep you equitable.