Mill Pond Oasis

Ducks hiding, geese flying swans swimming

Moss like a soft fluffy cushion beneath your feet

Winding paths that lead the way, bumpy trails form hidden sanctuaries

Trees, birds, sounds ... do you see a puppy?

Excited children, dancing with the ducks wanting to touch but not allowed

wanting to feed but not permitted

The Hidden Gem in the city

don't tell anyone ... peaceful tranquil a sanctuary

Bare trees, evergreens, and golden leaves

A place to get away, to find shelter to recess, rethink, a fresh start

Happy New Year!

Spring is not too clear....fresh trees fresh grass new life

baby ducklings and cygnets

Tallgrass bamboo-like acts as a cover for the foul

Cameras galore families walking looking for that perfect picture

In the stillness you can find it you can imagine are in another world a piece of heaven in the midst of surrounding roads and highways, concrete and lights

Who would have known you should visit

Orange peels and fish hooks, garbage pails, and littered trails


We need to take care of our woods


Beaver dams and three bridges

monuments and keepsakes it can all be found at the water's edge

Joggers and walkers

saunters and casual cyclists...

short, tall, and medium-sized

Anything goes... winter coats, hats, and gloves

Drawings and memories of days gone by relationships a lot of stories to tell

I'm sure in this "Hidden Gem"

Splash of paint, murals on the wall

adds color some say to your walk others might say a disturbance

Crunching leaves beneath your feet, branches, and thorn bushes you will meet

winding trails without any signs you won't get lost

They all lead to the water's edge or the boundary of the pond

Crosses and acorns, flowers in loving memory a people lost and days have gone by

Trees uprooted show me shelter for the wildlife a natural habitat

Let nature take its course

Flowing and still water at the same time

Bridges and crossover streams, a pond you can find

a little bit of everything

Fish hooks and pumpkins, golden leaves and evergreens

benches to sit awhile

It's bigger sisters nearby Twin Lakes, and Wantagh State Park more traveled

Backyards visible highways seen

walk into a soggy trail it will be more green

Nassau County gazebo memorials benches and 911

loved ones in heaven

Birdwatchers fishermen New Year's Day seekers

Cameras oversized lenses tripods binoculars and fishing rods

Dog lovers a stroll, a day trip a picnic

"Do not feed the Ducks

Take out what you Take in"

Mill Pond a welcoming Oasis amid the houses and highways

Long Island places


Gráinne is an educator, writer, nature enthusiast, photographer risk-taker, path seeker, go-getter, and lover of life and all it has to offer.