Pre-Nassau Long Island Marathon 2019

Updated: May 21, 2020

It was time to switch it up, shake off the boredom, step out of my comfort zone, work harder, and fight the wind!

What am I talking about? Running the Long Island Marathon of course. With three months to go and averaging about 3-4 runs a week, and distances ranging from 3-9 miles was I going to be ready to go the distance...

It all started back in late January 2019, on a cold winter Saturday morning at Eisenhower Park, where over 200 runners decided to commit to training with "Runsmart". A training program under the leadership of Bob Cook, the owner of Runner's Edge, Debbie Blair, and a list of other great LI runners and coaches.

Just show up right? Not so fast and not so easy. Early morning Saturday sessions for 14 weeks, through rain, wind, and the bitter cold, dappled with a few rays of the sun.

Each one having "their" goal in mind. Some wanting to go from the couch to walking 5 k.

Go for it!

Others crossing over from a half marathon to the full marathon.

Testing the body, how far can it go, and for how long. What and how to fuel for a 3-4 hour run. This was the experiment to be explored and proven.

Short runs, long runs, and tempo. Stretching, cross-training and core. All a part of the preparation.

This weekend will tell if it all paid off and at what price! Runners run, spectators cheer, and volunteers serve. Can it get any better?