7 Artistic Forms

Updated: May 20, 2020

Why do we "stereotype" creativity, and think that only those that are talented "in the arts" have the gift?

"Oh, she dances so well," or, "his drawing looks so real."

Ever feel left out just because you "can't" dance or "hold" a tune? Why do some people get all the talent?

Why do we put such emphasis on certain kinds of creativity and not others?

Let these forms help you "uncover" your own creativity and BE proud of it!

Maybe you will even see yourself in a new light, and turn a new page.

CREATIVITY can be expressed in .....

1. Writing. The ability to captivate with words. The reader is mesmerized as the story seems to leap off the page.

2. Speaking. Holding a person's attention and, at the same time, making them feel they are the only audience. This is a work of art.

A picture can be timeless

3. Photography.

A photo can capture a special moment and make it live forever.

4. Movement or exercise. It is an expression of SELF. No one moves quite as you do.

5. Decor. You walk into a friend's house, and you instantly experience a warm calming feeling, flood your whole being. The colors on the wall are soothing, the choice of furniture comforting, and the wall hangings cheerful.

6. Order. Someone who stacks the shelves neatly, without clutter. Their closet is immaculate. Shoes in pairs. The trophy collection is placed in size sequence. The kids' toys are stored and labeled.

7. Planning. Lists are plentiful. Displayed on the fridge or phone. The calendar is color-coordinated and marked up with symbols. Time, dates, numbers, and specifics are all keyed in.

Don't sell yourself short. You ARE creative, original, and gifted and so much more!