7 Benefits of Owning a Pet

Updated: May 19, 2020

This is for all you pet lovers out there, and for those who are considering adding a pet to their family. There is nothing like it. And it is hard to fully understand until you have taken the plunge for yourself.

1. Loyal companions. They don't hold grudges, they easily forgive, and they show it by wagging their tails. At least dogs do!

2. Suitable for all ages. Mellow and active dogs. Quiet and noisy, large and small. There are plenty to choose from.

3. They help kids learn responsibility. Feeding and brushing your pet can be part of your child's fun chores.

4. Dogs are intelligent creatures of habit. They like to eat, sleep, play, and poop. But they also "know" when the kids come home from school when it is playtime and so on. As a result, they can help add discipline and structure to your day.

5. Exercise. You can thank your faithful pooch for helping to keep you fit.

A twenty to thirty-minute walk daily, will keep you and your pet in shape.

6. Emotional support. Whether you are in a good season of your life or going through a rough time, a pet can be a great support. They have so much love to give, AND they have a way of "healing" us with their special powers of "licking".

7. Giving back to the community. Consider rescuing a pet from your local animal shelter. This does take a lot more effort and patience, but it can be very rewarding.

This article is mostly tailored for those considering a dog as a pet, but many of the benefits here can be applied to almost any pet.

Keep in mind, there needs to be room in your schedule for taking care of a pet.