6 Benefits of Living in the NOW!

Updated: May 19, 2020

Life can be funny sometimes.

When we are young we want to be older and for time to speed up, and when we are elderly we reminisce of former days, and wish we were young again.

Why can't we just be content and happy with the NOW?

I believe it is something we need to consciously make an effort to do and be IN. It will be worth it. Here are some benefits WHY!

1. You will be more present in the present when you put your mind to it. Spirit, soul and body will be IN the moment, the action, the thought.

2. You will eat less because you will actually BE thinking about what you are putting on your plate, and into your mouth. You may even chew your food more slowly, which will help with digestion and weight management.

3. Be happier. Your emotions will have a higher concentration, with your whole self in.

4. Make better decisions. Your judgement will be clearer, you will be listening better, able to reason more clearly and draw a safer conclusion.

You can do this!

5. Seize more opportunities to help others. There will be a greater awareness of people and those around you. You may even make new friends in the moment.

6. Live life to the fullest. There will be little time or room for regret, envy or negativity. Doors will open you could have only dreamed of. The journey will be more enjoyable. People will want to be around you.

Striving to make the best of every situation and moment.

You might even be "presently" surprised.