6 Reasons to Go Natural

Updated: May 19, 2020

Nowadays, everyone is looking for convenience. With busy schedules and long days it seems to make sense.

But have we really stopped to think about the products we use on a daily basis?

Why change our routine?

"I don't look good naturally. I don't want people to "see" me without makeup." "I am not happy with the way I look."

TV adds portray that we need to look and feel a certain way. We try and keep up with the times and fit into the norm.

But did you know that it could be hurting you?

1. Many of the available products we use for our skin, hair, and general hygiene, contain chemicals, artificial colors, and fillers.

They can cause redness and irritation.

Some people can be allergic to the product.

2. Breathing in the chemicals from fragrances, air fresheners, and body sprays, can cause headaches.

3. They can mess with your body's systems. Simply put, they may not function optimally.

4. Long term use of certain products, may have an adverse effect and actually cause damage.

5. Save the environment. The manufacturing of these "health chemicals" ends up in the air and our water. What about all the containers and aerosols used in the process?

6. Think of others.

YOU may not be allergic, have a negative reaction, or suffer from headaches, but others may!