Stages of Life

Updated: May 19, 2020

Why is it when we are young, we want to be an adult, and later in life, we want to revert back to our childhood?

Why so many rules when we are young? Through the eyes of a child, adults can do whatever they want. Things just look so much better.

Sometimes we are in a hurry to go "nowhere", and our emotions just seem to get the best of us. We may do things we will regret later...

Why can't we just embrace where we are and accept it?

Live in the N.O.W.

1. N is for NEVER look back. Don't regret what you did or did not do. Learn from your mistakes. Keep focused on the present. Apply yourself and DO your best.

2. O is for being OPEN to change. Life does not always go the way you had hoped it would. Accept the difficult times as stepping stones, and the "easy" times as a breather.

Life is a journey that is always unfolding.

Be OPEN to listen and learn in every situation.

3. W is for being WILLING to try new things. Live, laugh, and love along the way.

Enjoy the moment and BE in it!

Make the most of EVERY phase.

Life is valuable, precious, and sometimes too short. Let's savor the season good or bad, and know that it won't last forever.