Summer's Not Done Aqua-Run

Updated: May 20, 2020

This race takes place in South Oyster Bay, at Tobay Beach. It consists of an 800-meter swim, followed by a 5 k run.

This is a good entry-level bi-competition. Swim AND Run.

The swim is in calm, but cloudy waters on the inlet side of ocean parkway. The run is through Tobay Beach Bird and Game Sanctuary. You can participate in the race on your own, or be part of a two-person relay team. This means, one person can do the swim, and the other can do the run.

Awards are given to the top three male and female finishers, and master levels. All ages in five-year increments are also awarded from under twelve, to seventy-nine!

Get wet and run

Some participants choose to wear wet-suits, others wear a one-piece swim and run suit combo. Goggles are good to add to your list of items to use for the swim portion. I would also recommend practicing in the water where the competition takes place and running the racecourse before the event day. It usually takes place in September.

Check it out...