The Bad

Updated: May 20, 2020

Does it actually stifle "creativity" because many hours are spent on screen time, and playing games? How does it affect us socially, mentally, physically, and emotionally?

1. For many users, they experience the adrenaline rush while succumbing to the lure of games and other online activities. This gives an internal sense of accomplishment and purpose. It prevents many from venturing outside and engaging in physical activity. And can potentially lead to health issues such as obesity, back, and eye problems, and sleep deprivation.

2.  Communication, socialization, and interaction is a new experience. You have a choice to "see" the person you are interacting with. Face to face skills can be curtailed, causing people to be "awkward" and uncomfortable in certain settings. Isolation is encouraged, as kids withdraw to their room to engage. Emotional de-sensitivity to real-life situations can develop.

3. Motivation, energy, analysis, and creativity are all magically zapped by hours of screen time.

Social Surfing

Greater feelings of frustration and anxiety can build while generating an addiction.

4. Penmanship, is becoming a lost art. Why write a letter, when texting is an option.

5.  There are many reports out there quoting hours, for various age users of technology. Enough to say it's everywhere, all the time. Even if we are not watching the TV, it can be left turned on. We give our kids the "screen" to keep them occupied. Social Media is another "cure". Time just keeps ticking and before we know it, hours have gone by.

6. The family unit can become splintered and scattered. Everyone is doing their own thing, in their own space. What happened to sitting down and having a meal together, and actually conversing about the day's events and working together to "support" one another?

"Ain't nobody got time for that."