The Good

Updated: May 20, 2020

How many hours is too many? Does it really matter anyway? Technology offers news and a great tool for learning. What's wrong with it anyway... what's right with it?

1. Quick access is available in almost every home, library, or school. Very few, do not have. With the addition of the phone and handheld devices, it has become easier and more widespread.

It's even in your hand, and portable!

DIY Robot

2. Finding answers is fast and fun. Speak to Siri or Google, and you get an immediate response, anytime, anywhere (almost).

3.  You can get an education without leaving the house. Tutoring tools and classes are a few clicks away.

4. Career opportunities are visible and accessible, from all over the world. Applications can be submitted, and interviews hosted.

5.  D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) guidelines, for pretty much anything you have an interest in, can be found on YouTube.

6. Businesses can be "built", monitored, and expanded at a fast rate. No knocking on doors, driving, or "hard" adds needed.