The Art of Affirmation

Updated: May 20, 2020

Do you ever talk to yourself and think that it is strange, or that you are going cuckoo? So, do you tell yourself to stop talking?

Or, ever struggle with negative thoughts that flood your mind, or just creep in every once in a while?

Having trouble getting the task completed? Perhaps, you start but don't finish. You have goals but they keep getting pushed out? Are your thoughts are ALL over the place, and as a result are you having a hard time getting anything done?


Now we are getting somewhere. Did you know that the first step to making a change is recognizing the need for it?

YES! I can do this!

The goal is to create and compose positive statements or sayings that can help you to combat, challenge, and conquer old patterns, negative thoughts, and belief systems.

Be specific. Focus on ONE area, thought, or pattern at a time.

Be patient and purposeful in the process. It may take a while but stick with it. Until you see it come to fruition.

Please see the sample list below that relates to making better choices. You can customize your own accordingly.


1. I enjoy getting up early to meditate.

2. I feel better when I stretch before and after I workout.

3. I drink the right amount of water.

4. I make healthy food choices.

5. I get enough sleep at night.

6. I listen to my body.

7. I can tell what my body needs.

Keep the affirmations short, sweet, and manageable. Use the pronouns "my" and "I" to take ownership. Write and say it in the present tense.

This is what I call the change from the inside out. It can also help alleviate stress, build confidence, bring more clarity and productivity to your life. Not only will you personally reap the benefits, but those closest to you will also.

It's a home run!