The Writing on the Wall

Updated: May 19, 2020

Communication can come anytime, anywhere, from anyone through many channels.

Music, your spirit, a song, nature, a friend, family member....animals?

We just need to be open-spirited and minded to lay hold of the right message for us, at the right time.

AND then follow through.

It may require something of us.

A response, sacrifice, a letting go, a move, writing, creating...

This can be a blessing for others and for us.

Look for the sign

Look for the signs and confirmations along the way. 

When fully confident with that inner agreement and alignment...


You will be glad you did.  At that moment, there is a domino effect.

YOU are changed, your world will change, along with those around you.


Live - love  - laugh

Be Happy * Be Healthy * Be Whole