(TMT) Time Management Tips

Updated: May 19, 2020

Ever feel like you just can't catch up, finish projects, or get ahead? You run from one task to the next but never finish. There are not enough hours in the day to get the job done. Kids, distractions, and LIFE seem to get in the way.

Here are a few simple suggestions to help you better navigate your day and feel good about it. Also keep in mind that time cannot be stopped, caught, or tamed but it can be planned and managed a little better.

1. Set your alarm for the same time every day, and get up when it rings. Try to avoid hitting the snooze button.

2. Follow a routine as best as you can. For example, if you like to exercise in the morning, then stick to it. Eat your meals in our around the same time daily.

3. Factor in a "miscellaneous" window of time, say for half an hour. This way if certain tasks take a little more or less time, you can still stay pretty much on track with your schedule.

4. Set up a play area for the kids, so they can stay busy. Fill it with lego's, coloring books, games, and the like.

5. Stick to your commitments. If you say you are going to be on the phone for no more than 20 minutes then stick to it. Set a reminder if you have to.

6. Limit your time on technology and other devices which tend to be "time sinks".

7. Use your resources to help keep you on track. A calendar, a daily planner, a phone app, whatever "device" works best for you...just use it!

8. Take a few minutes either the night before or after your morning rituals, to map out your day. Write down your "wish" list, prioritize it, and work your way through it, one step at a time.

Remember life does throw us curve balls. We will not be able to control everything. Be happy with your accomplishments no matter how great or small. Be thankful that you can still do these things.

Taking a quick nap, a walk around the block, or a coffee break is also allowed and may offer the boost you need to keep going.