What IS Mental Stability?

Updated: May 19, 2020

I like to think of the mind as the control center or headquarters. The command center. This is where thoughts originate, linger, or end. Success and failure can be birthed.

What it tells you to do, you do.

What your mind says, you think and you believe.

We have times when we may not be thinking too clearly, due to stress or lack of sleep. Other times we are able to make decisions easily and with clarity.

Many factors can influence this. Family dynamics, history, health, trauma to name a few.

Some days we are just going through the motions and our head is not in the game!

If we are lucky, we will "catch" ourselves and reel in our thoughts and get back on track.

I do believe this takes discipline, time, and effort on our part. We also need to do the best we can of taking care of ourselves.

Mind your Mind!

Let's strive for that balance, do our best to "BE" attentive to our thoughts, and respond accordingly.

A simple rule of thumb!

If it is a good thought, keep it....if it is a "negative" thought, don't hold unto it.