What is Spirit?

Updated: May 20, 2020

This is the "part" of a person that is intangible, and invisible. You cannot touch it with your hand or see it with the naked eye. It is what I call the center, core, the conscience.

The backbone, innards, gut, the depths of a human being.

It is the very LIFE of a person.

From this inner essence we live, move, and have our very existence.

It helps define WHO we are. Our purpose, light, life, and goals.

This is why we need to be in tune with ourselves, and learn the voice of our spirit.

You cannot see the wind, but it is there

That inner nudge, impression, drive, power, the force that somehow communicates with us and pushes us forward to BE, to live, to conquer, to try!

The spirit needs to be nurtured, and treated with care. It needs to be fed. It is our light and our guide. It can be broken, and restored. It can be crushed, and stretched. It can be traumatized and tested. The spirit can be soothed, and comforted.

It is resilient.

The human spirit can sustain much. It is powerful, it is eternal, it has a voice!

Strive to comprehend, and learn the ways and the voice of the spirit.

It is YOU, it is the center, it is home.

From this place, we will see, tell, and commune. We will connect with self, others, and our surroundings on a much deeper and meaningful level.

This is Spirit. This is Health. This is Life!