Your Life is IN Your Hands.

Who would have thought that this statement would be seen and heard so much! Maybe we used to take it for granted, or not give it a lot of attention!

"Children, please wash your hands after you come inside." Mother would say.


"What do you want to do with your life?"

This is a question, we tend to ask teenagers as they consider college and career.

Another way of looking at this favored saying.

Now, REALLY it has come ALIVE and to literally mean LIFE!

Good Hand Hygiene

The catchy phrase "wet, wash, rinse and dry", somehow has taken on a greater meaning. Posters not only adorn the doctor's office, but also our schools, churches, and businesses.

We need to take heed. Twenty seconds at a minimum, we must wet, foam up, scrub, rinse and dry.

As simple as it sounds, it could save a nation!

Especially today, let's focus on the literal meaning, while we work towards establishing a future for this generation.

It's like our mother always taught us....."Wash your hands, before dinner."

Maybe we should have listened more often.

For now, I want to speak health to your households during this time.